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Grayson Getaways has 4.8 miles of flow mountain bike trails: 1.8 miles of beginner green level trails, 2.5 miles of blue intermediate to advanced trails, and 0.5 miles of expert black trails.

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Mountain Biking

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With miles of trails, multiple access points, and features for any type of rider, Grayson Getaways Mountain Biking trails are a great fit for anyone and everyone.

Green Trail


Great for beginners and accessible from the lower hub, this is an easy trail with small features that is both scenic and fun!

Blue Trail


With access from the lower and upper hub, this trail is for intermediate level riders. There are ride around paths for jumps and tabletops.

Black Trail


For expert level riders, this trail features drops from 6 to 10 feet, jumps, and is accessible from the upper hub location. There are mandatory gaps.

Convenient Amenities

Grayson Getaways

Fire Pit

Grayson Getaways


Grayson Getaways


Grayson Getaways


Grayson Getaways


Grayson Getaways


Grayson Getaways Campground

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